Branding for User Generated Content

To develop the user generated content (UGC) for loved many people, branding strategy is one important thing to learn. Amalia E. Maulana, PhD, Brand Consultant & ethnographer of Etnomark Consulting, share tips branding strategy in a seminar on Building SparxUp IDS, Epicentrum Walk, Jakarta, Monday (4/11/2011) ago.

According to her, branding strategy for the wider community should be able to remember the product brand or service without having much to do communications. Web developers should have a tagline explaining sniper tips, how to face trial and error, and the most important is the evaluation. “Most of them tired by trial and error, but trial and error can be learned with frequent evaluations,” added Amalia.

She said that many novice web developers who forget the evaluation, either in the form of evaluation the number of users, the user desires, until evaluation trial and error.

Key success factors that UGC by Amalia services are:

1. Clear Identity (communicate clearly, who are you and your company)

2. Sense of Community (proximity between producers and consumers of community that exists)

3. Rewards (give feedback to the consumer)

4. Properly Managed (having an active moderator who oversees traffic, content filtering is focused, expert involvement).

5. Insight into the stakeholders that can be learned.

6. Brand management is sustainable, to produce long-lasting brand strength.

Amalia also add that there are things that are not controlled by web developers, such as the number of visitors,brand image, update external content, interaction, and engagement.Meanwhile, things are always considered include value propositions, strategic communications and brand activation, update the internal content, interactive activities such as moderators and response, and research.


Liputan: http://taramora.com/user-generated-content-guide/

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